16 Dec 2011 09:35 am

Scheduling Into the Wild Blue Yonder

You're afraid to hear the dreaded "H" word on a webcomic. It is the Achilles' Heel of many a webcomic - because many of a webcomic haven't even woken up from the cationic state that is . . . HIATUS.

Don't fret though. We have something a little different in mind for Blue Yonder - and I think you'll be pleased.

Starting next week, you won't see any more blogs or rants for the rest of the month . . . nay . . . the rest of the year (not that there's much of a difference, I just like saying it that way). Since work is as busy as it is this around this time of year, I have to take my breaks where I can find them. The webcomic will continue during the holidays - and the blogs will resume sometime in January.

In February, "Blue Yonder" will go on hiatus after the cataclysmic ending of the first chapter . . . and after Diego Diaz takes a much-needed vacation from illustrating this webcomic! However, while you won't be seeing Blue Yonder for a while, the webcomic will still update with an interlude introducing the ghostly Frightener! The events of this interlude will also tie directly into Blue Yonder's second chapter, starting sometime in Spring 2012!

Blue Yonder will return sometime in March or April, with more than a few surprises along the way. Until then, have a blue Christmas and a yonderous New Year!

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