29 Jul 2011 10:03 am

Riding with Heroes

And now for something completely different than my usual fare.

My mother asked me to spread the news about this Chevrolet Driving the Midwest competition, which honors military heroes. Among the contenders is Don Pannier, who designed a Traveling Memorial Wall which drives from city to city and benefit to benefit honoring fallen military personnel.

Given his project, Don's put a lot of mileage on his car, which is starting to rust out, so the prize of this contest (a week-long loan of a Chevrolet vehicle is of a particular importance to him - so vote for Donald Pannier at the bottom of the page.

I confess I don't know Donald Pannier. I heard about him because his wall includes Alec Catherwood, the son of my mother's supervisor. I didn't know Alec well either, and I will never get the chance since he was killed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

I know these two ongoing wars are a source of contention and controversy. But I had also seen entire communities rally around the people must affected by these conflicts again and again. And that's why every one of these contestants - not just Pannier - deserves some recognition.

So with that in mind, read up on the contestants and vote.

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