28 Mar 2011 08:58 am

My 29th Birthday Spoils

Nothing hard-hitting for the blog today, as I'm officially spent. I worked all day Saturday after working all night Friday, vastly depleting my energy. After helping teach Sunday School, well, stick a fork in me, I'm done.

But I'm also 29, and I can already tell you, after that weekend, I feel older. It doesn't help that I'm also getting over a cold. So in lieu of this, nothing major for the blog today.

Here's what I did get for my B-Day though:

The Expendables on Blu-ray and DVD: Because sometimes you need some kick-in-the-pants action escapism to jolt up your work-day.

Changes by Jim Butcher: The latest Harry Dresden book to hit paperback, which I have been voraciously reading (and sometimes re-reading) in order.

The Furies of Aleria by Jim Butcher: This is a great series from the author of "The Dresden Files". I've already read it, but I wanted to have it around to read and re-read. The first book is a little slow as they set up all the characters and world-building, but once you get past this first book, it's sword-and-sandals and sorcery from here on out.

"Skillet: Comatose", "30 Seconds to Mars: This Is War" and an "iTunes Gift Card": I try to spruce up my music library with some new tunes every couple of months ago to freshen up the brainstorming process. Of course, I'm woefully behind the curve as far as music goes, but I really like both of these bands, which I discovered a year ago (see what I mean by behind the curve?)

Blackest Night by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. The zombie Lantern crossover which took a bite out of DC Comics is coming to my bookshelf. I also got the Blackest Night installments of "Green Lantern" and "Green Lantern Corps" for Christmas, but I haven't read them yet; I'm currently working my way through my Stephen King fix right now, which should provide a good lead-in to the mini-series, which is best described as "Pet Semetary with Superheroes."

Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Journey Begins by Peter David, Robin Furth, Sean Phillips and Richard Isanove. I'm still a book behind in this comic book prequel to King's magnum opus, but it's definitely been a pretty cool glimpse into the origins of Roland the Gunslinger. This book has Roland in full Gunslinger mode following the massacre of his people. The only thing I'm not sure about is the art. Jae Lee did the art of the previous books, while a different artist - Sean Phillips - has taken cover. Phillips has some pretty big shoes to fill, so we'll see how this goes.

Secret Wars T-Shirt: The perfect thing to wear to Free Comic Book Day in a month or so, this T-Shirt has the cover of the 80's classic Marvel crossover "Secret Wars, which features just about all the Marvel heroes and villains of the time in the same place.

Plaid Shorts: The perfect answer to not wearing pants (speaking of which, if any one said they saw me wearing a suit and tie this weekend . . . I plead the Fifth!)

(That's it for this today. Expect something much more substantial Friday, and of course, don't forget about another Blue Yonder page!)

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