21 Oct 2010 10:02 am

We're still Here! And We're Ready to Fly!

A quick update on our progress! Alright, we're set to launch the first week of November and given the one page per week format we will be using, we have decided to update on Wednesdays. Middle of the week. Hump day. The beginning of the end of the week. Half-way to Saturday... you get the idea. So tune in on November 3rd!

To mark the occassion of our launch we will be including 6 pages in the first update. We thought that since there is a whole 6 days between updates, it would take sometime to build an audience. So, in an effort to move that process along, we thought we'd include more back pages to kind of getting a running start at our goal. Which, if you aren't aware, is to deliver a quality, reliable and entertaining product.

So watch out for that. Until then, I will be updating every Wednesday with the "Roughs". The back stage look. So please, tell your friends about us and get the word out. I guarantee that it will not be a recommendation that you will regret.

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