November 22nd, 2010, 10:26 am

5 Reasons Why Green Lantern Won't Suck

So, last week the Green Lantern trailer was finally released - to mixed to mostly negative response. But amidst a blackest night of doubt, I'm still hopeful this movie can pull off the popular but oft-overlooked superhero from DC Comics - and here are five reasons why.

1. It's directed by Martin Campbell. This guy has twice given us a new James Bond - once with Pierce Brosnan in "GoldenEye" and most recently with Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale". While his non-Bond credits are less exciting (including the Angelina Jolie vehicle "Beyond Borders" as well as the bland sequel "Mask of Zorro"), Campbell might just be the best guy to launch a franchise centering around an intergalactic man of action.

2. The movie has a power-charged writing team. Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti have credits on ABC cult hits like "Eli Stone" and "FlashForward", and most recently, "No Ordinary Family". Meanwhile, Michael Green is the creator of the similarly short-lived NBC cult hit "Kings", and also has credits on "Heroes" and "Smallville". Finally, recent scripter Michael Goldenberg wrote the fifth installment of "Harry Potter" along with the latest "Peter Pan" and Jodie Foster alien encounter "Contact". To add to the power ring charge, two of the screenwriters are also established comic book writers - Green wrote for "Batman Confidential" while Guggenheim wrote for "Amazing Spider-Man."

3. Green Lantern is the first DC Superhero movie since The Dark Knight. With "The Dark Knight Rises" and new Superman movie in various states of pre-production, the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel aren't far behind. But "Green Lantern" is the first DC Comics superhero in a while to bring something beyond utility belts and mild-mannered alter egos to the big screen. Admittedly, it's also the first non-Superman-or-Batman movie which looks even halfway decent. Sure, "Green Lantern" has its fair share of detractors, but try comparing this movie to DC Comics predecessors like "Jonah Hex", "Catwoman" or "Steel" and you'll find the bar is considerably lowered.

4. The movie goes deeper into the DCU than ever before. Prior to "Green Lantern", the other DC movies were relatively self-contained. There's a mention of Metropolis in a Batman movie, or maybe a mention of Gotham in a Superman movie, but that's it. "Green Lantern", however, will show DCU on an epic scale. By definition, we'll be privy to the Green Lantern Corps, whose numbers include a very impressive-looking Sinestro (Mark Strong) alongside fan-favorites like Kilowog and Tomar Re. In addition, the movie will also feature other major players from the DCU. Angela Bassett will play Amanda Waller, the DCU's version of James Bond's "M", who heads up covert organizations like Checkmate and the Suicide Squad. Previous scripts also supposedly included other characters from Green Lantern mythos, like Golden Age GL Alan Scott and substitute Green Lantern Guy Gardner. It's unknown how much - if at all - these elements are retained in the current script, but it's very possible this movie could blow the lid of a connected DC Universe much in the same Iron Man blew open the Marvel Universe continuity.

5. Ryan Reynolds just might pull it off. While I like smarmy action-comedy star, I have to admit he wasn't my first choice to play Hal Jordan either. I would have rather seen someone like Bradley Cooper or Aaron Eckhart don the power ring. But for whatever reason, Reynolds was cast (at least it wasn't Jack Black or Justin Timberlake). While I disagree with the casting, I still have hope Reynolds can pull it off. The guy seems to really enjoy comic book movies, having already appeared in "Blade: Trinity" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". The problem is Hal Jordan is a totally different animal than Hannibal King or Wade Wilson. The key to playing Hal Jordan is confidence, not comedy. If Reynolds can pull up that with some gravitas, then DC may finally some much needed green recharging its power battery.

Will any of these fives things matter? We'll have to wait until June 17th to see Green Lantern's light.

(Don't forget to check back Wednesday for the next installment of our own comic book saga, Blue Yonder!)

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