"Blue Yonder Chapter 2: Page 5"
A Webcomic by Diego, Richard and Luke
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RDPulfer, 24 May 2012 08:03 am

A Day Late and a Dollar Short . . . Sorry for the late update, all. Luke and I both had a very busy Wednesday. I know I had to attend a Brewer's game for work, eat hot dogs and drink beer, and then work some more. Life is hard!

So now we're back to Jared Davenport, finally picking up where we last saw him with the N-Forcers. Notice the graffiti on the wall. Looks like the years have not been kind to the N-Forcers HQ. I wonder what else is different . . .

Mary (Guest), 26 May 2012 12:32 pm

Hmmm. So they are texting even after Jared (apparently) gave her the brush off at the end of the last chapter. Hmmmmmmmm.

One wonders.