"Blue Yonder Chapter 1 Page 40"
A Webcomic by Diego, Richard and Luke
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Doc Savage, 30 Nov 2011 12:59 pm

Back in the Day And I mean WAY back in the day, before even I was reading comics, there was a heroine called "The Gadget Girl." I think it was actually Merri the Gadget Girl or something like that. Anyway I think we have a worthy successor to her but, PLEASE, give her a better name OK?

RDPulfer, 30 Nov 2011 04:19 pm

D'oh! First Girl Genius is taken and now you're saying we can't use Gadget Girl?!?! Fine . . I guess we'll have to find something different for . . . errr . . . Little Miss Blue Screen of Death?

Skythorn (Thomas S) (Guest), 30 Nov 2011 05:22 pm

Nah - go with Gadget Girl, just dont make her first name Gidget ... and the nicname could be C2 which links nicely with the explosive ... :()

TheStranger, 02 Dec 2011 12:06 pm

I also have a superhero who uses a lot of gadgets in my comic. I understand how hard it is to come up with a name for them. But I found mine. I'm interested in what hers will be. Tee-Hee.

A_l3ooggy, 02 Dec 2011 10:12 pm

Thumbs up Hey great stuff man keep up the good work