"Blue Yonder Chapter 1: Page 39"
A Webcomic by Diego, Richard and Luke
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Skydron (Guest), 23 Nov 2011 10:59 am

Dog is obviously not thinking right... He's just pretty much stated that he's taking the capes that he and his forces just captured, ALL three of them... Including the smart girl. It hasn't been outrightly stated yet, but I'm guessing that she's pretty close to the tenants of the cape inhabited building, or at the very least her father is.

I'm guessing the dad is going to find out, or the young capes weren't as sneaky as they thought. Dog may be grinning now, buy I've a feeling that he's about to have more capes to deal with than he'd like. That one who saved Yonder while wearing nothing but a pair of boxers could probably take on the Dog and his forces single handedly. The 'taco salad' lady apparently strikes fear into the hearts of young hoodlums with relative ease as well. Me thinks the Dog's grin be premature.

RDPulfer, 23 Nov 2011 12:19 pm

All good guesses, Skydron, but Black Dog has a few tricks up his sleeves.

And you may want to give this page another read.

It is not Black Dog you have to worry about.

Skythorn (Thomas S) (Guest), 23 Nov 2011 09:08 pm

Yep, Interesting speculation Skydron (how suspiciously similar is your pseudonym to my occasional one of Skythorn ...) and yes, it is a wierdly bleak perpective we see of our supers being captured and trapped so simply and easily. The name I noticed as being a standout arrival was 'red flyer' I dont think I have come accross this name yet (black dog, red flyer, Blue Yonder, Kurt, Iron Agent, Ms Shuster) we do have a plethora of people ... I might have to have a re-read to figure out people, but red is the significant primary colour, showing warning, danger and imminence. As is Blue - the colour surely denotes a primary character - as black and white would.

we await with interest ...

Skydron (Guest), 24 Nov 2011 12:09 am

Ah RDPulfer... I'm WELL aware of his stated contract to one mentioned Red Flyer. However, as far as... what were their names? Iron Agent and Frog, and possibly Doc know, Black Dog is responsible for the disapperance of Yonder's family. He did pretty much launch an assault on the Cape's apartment building to try and capture Yonder Who's to say that when Yonder vanishes, along with Doc's daughter and Speedy, they won't automatically assume that Black Dog is responsible?

Also, I watched that movie Taken before posting my previous comment... Great movie. Shows how far a father will go to save his daughter. While Liam Nielson's character is obviously not a cape, as well as neither being Doc, the daughter in this case has an entire apartment building of cape's in her corner.

When working a case you follow the leads. Big lead? Black Dog.

Also, there's the matter of the text message Yonder sent just prior to this. Quite possibly the cavalry will be showing up soon? At which point Doc would still be pissed at the attempted kidnapping of his daughter.

Also, dunno where you got your name Skythorn, but mine (Skydron) is the one I go by online, mostly lol

Skythorn (Thomas S) (Guest), 24 Nov 2011 07:54 pm

Well, I've had it since 2003, it's not a grand name, I just combined two words to make one word, and kinda regretted it for a while 'Fear the might of the fleets of SkyThorn - tremble at my mighty Iceberg Rose Carrier fleets, fear the might of my Rambling Creeper dreadnaughts' etc etc., ...

Skydron (Guest), 24 Nov 2011 11:59 pm

Mine just kinda evolved into what it is now. My initial one, given by a friend way back when, was based off my own name, and needed to be changed once I started exploring online. I like dragons, still do, so it became Skydragon. Then Skydranous. Decided to shorten it...

And Skydron was born. In all actuality its Sky-dron, but most places wont let me put the hypen in. -_-

TheStranger, 02 Dec 2011 12:04 pm

Great punch in the middle panel. I love mercanaries. Tee-Hee.