"Blue Yonder Chapter 1: Page 15"
A Webcomic by Diego, Richard and Luke
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RDPulfer, 08 Jun 2011 11:36 am

Our 30th Page! This is a big day for Blue Yonder - this is our 30th Page! It's hard to believe this webcomic has been going for a little over six months now. Thanks so much to anyone who has left us a comment - we're glad to know people are reading this webcomic, and more importantly, enjoying it!

On a side note, if you're getting a bit tired of all the talky-talky, don't worry. There will be lots more action in the weeks to come as we turn up the heat on Blue Yonder and company! Stay tuned!

TGD (Guest), 09 Jun 2011 12:05 am

Pleased to Find You Nice work peeps, I'll be following you. Some nice lush colours and great lead character lines. I just feel a bit 'space family Robinson' with the family approach - but that's me trying to figure it out using tropes, not accepting it for what it is.

Glad you brought a bunch-o normals into the picture.