"Blue Yonder Chapter 1: Page 1"
A Webcomic by Diego, Richard and Luke
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llperks, 02 Mar 2011 08:27 am

Page one is up and away! for those of you joining us for the first time, welcome! Hopefully all of our hard work will keep you coming back. This page is a favorite because Diego took special care to add some little details that just make this page POP! Hopefully this is the kind of bang everyone has been waiting for.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient through our little break. We don't have a break like that on the books for quite some time, so stop by here every Wednesday for a brand new page of the Blue Yonder!

ElevenofHearts (Guest), 03 Mar 2011 01:12 pm

Awesome This webcomic is awesome, can't wait to see more!