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Blue Yonder is the latest Web-Comic developed and created by the experienced team of Luke Perks and Richard Pulfer. Having dabbled in high-fantasy ("Hector" The duo of Luke and Richard have decided to cut their teeth on the colorful and dynamic world of Super Heroics. Blue Yonder is a project that has been in the works for a year before it was finally unveiled to the public on November 1st, 2010. On June 10th, 2010, About half-way through the development process, the Incomparable Diego Diaz of Argentina was brought in to illustrate the Story of Blue Yonder. Diego's style of work was the missing link to this story and through his arrival, Blue Yonder, the web-comic, was well on it's way to seeing the light.

In early 2013, after two and half years as the visual creator of Blue Yonder, Diego Diaz moved on. It was hard to let him go, but Luke and Richard moved quickly to find Diego's replacement. It was not an easy task and with webcomics any time you miss a deadline is potentially a death blow to your readership. After reviewing several deserved candidates for the position. Luke and Richard decided on bringing Ruben Rojas, a brilliant illustrator from Spain, on board to help continue the story of Blue Yonder. You can see where he took over in Chapter 3, page 5. While the visual style was different, Luke and Richard wanted to find someone with their own voice and style. They found that voice with Ruben and all three creators wish for you, the reader, enjoyment as the story of Blue Yonder continues!

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Blue Yonder currently updates every Wednesday.

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Blue Yonder created by:
Richard Pulfer, Luke Perks
Diego Diaz

Richard Pulfer

An avid comic book reader since middle school, Richard Pulfer is the co-writer and co-creator of "Blue Yonder" as well as the creator of the Zeroes2Heroes property "Bat & Wolf." With a Bachelor's Degree in English from Northern Illinois University, Richard Pulfer has written for the webcomics "Hector!" (with Luke Perks) and "Hard-Driving Heroes." He has also worked as a critic for Broken Frontier, Screenhead and TV Fodder. He is presently a blogger and customer service specialist at

Ruben Rojas

"I was born in Malaga 30 years ago and read my first comic book at age 5. I guess, at that moment I started my dream of making my living drawing. I finished my Illustration degree in 2010 and have won several contests in Spain. Some of my stuff has been published in Chulthu magazine, Rogues for Amigo comics or Blackjack Press. As I always say, it's much easier to express myself in pictures than in words. Meet me at Blue Yonder!"

Luke Perks

Luke has been involved in many projects over the years at many different levels. Short films, Music Videos, Writing, Directing, Producing. He's a jack-of-all-trades and he brings his myriad of experiences to the table at Blue Yonder. Richard's best friend since High School, Luke and Richard have collaborated on multiple projects, Blue Yonder simply being the latest and greatest. He is very excited to be involved in this project and hopes that you (the reader) will enjoy reading the adventures of Blue Yonder.