A Webcomic by Diego, Richard and Luke
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TGS (Guest), 17 Dec 2013 05:24 pm

Looking forward to where this is going I don't know if I approve of Beer being an official training tool for superheroic revivals, but I'll take it cos it novel!

RDPulfer, 08 Jan 2014 01:52 pm

This Is Not the End I hope everyone had a nice holiday! "Blue Yonder" is on an extended hiatus for the time being while we get some things figured out. However, I do have some good news - we are working towards putting our comics so far on Comixology, with some new art from the very talented Diego Diaz! We'll post more here when we have more details!

RAO (Guest), 09 Jan 2014 03:28 pm

Diego Coming Back? So does this mean that Diego Diaz will be returning to Blue Yonder? I certainly hope so; his art is what originally drew me to the comic in the first place.

RDPulfer, 09 Jan 2014 03:59 pm

Believe me, RAO, no one would love Diego taking the reins of this comic more than me. He's one of my hands-down favorite artists . . . of all time. As of now he's just doing the cover, but we'll see what the future holds. Right now we're kinda buried in the busy-work needed to get the comic up on Comixology.